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Frankie Seely

Francesca “Frankie” Seely is a 19 years old and a surfer from Malibu, California. She started surfing at Malibu’s famed First Point where she still calls home. Seely has been surfing for most of her life. Her dad put her on a wave at the age of 2 and she has been in the water ever since. Frankie’s graceful yet aggressive style coupled with highly technical maneuvers has earned her numerous accolades in her young career. Frankie’s longboarding signature style can be easily spotted as she screams down the line hanging ten and cross-stepping into a classic soul arch and her shortboard backside hacks and front side rail grabs have been described by the locals as “man-turns”. She is consistently earning first place trophies for both longboarding and shortboarding.

Seely won Malibu’s prestigious Call to the Wall for two straight years in a row and became the 2014 West Coast NSSA Shortboard Champ for the West Coast.

In 2015 she took first place in the coveted USA Surfing America Prime Championships and held onto her WSA West Coast Championship Title that year as well.

In 2016, a mural at First Point Malibu was dedicated to the celebration of Southern Californian Surf History and featured Francesca Seely and legends Tom Carroll, Mickey Munoz, and Joel Tudor. Also in 2016, Seely was accepted at UCSD and has been active on performance art track as well as behind the camera in the visual arts program. She has received a national award in visual arts for high school, an award for the best college essay, had over a 4.0 in high school, won a national writing contest in high school, and had a unique visual arts portfolio which got her into UCSD.

In 2017, Seely won the West Coast Championship Title from the NSSA for Women Short Board. Seely finished 2nd in NSSA Women Short Board State Finals and 4th in Women Shortboard at NSSA Nationals for which she received a nomination for Female Athlete of the Year at UCSD.

After taking a few weeks off for summer, Seely returned home to Malibu. At the prestigious “Call to the Wall” contest in July 2017, Seely won 1st/2nd place trophies in Long Boarding and Shortboarding respectively riding for her home team Malibu Surf Association.

It is no wonder that Frankie holds sponsorship from Billabong, Hardcore sport, Audi, Kassia Meador Wetsuits, DrD4 fins, Hobie Polarized, ZJ Boarding House, CJ Nelson Designs, Robert’s Surfboards, and Shade Sunscreen.

Frankie is also no stranger to the screen, Seely starred on Awesomeness TV’s web-series “Surfers,” which followed the lives of a group of Malibu teens as they navigate through relationships, plan for the future, and catch some perfect California waves.

Frankie has traveled up and down the California coast into Mexico, South America, Hawaii, El Salvador, Nicaragua, searching for great waves and is looking forward to adding some exotic destinations to her long list of adventures.

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