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Quinten Rubalcava

Quinten will not tell you that he is one of the most intriguing surfers on the South and Central coasts of California. But we will. Because he is.

He is not up and coming. He is already here. And he has been here for years.

He is hyper-versatile on Tomo shapes, surfing 10-foot barrels on his SKX as easily as he will on his EVO, and that’s one of many reasons Daniel Thomson has backed him for years.

Quinten was born and raised in Ojai California in the same culture that raised the Malloy Brothers, and Quinten has since followed their lead to Patagonia where he collaborates with their talented team on clothing and education initiatives, as well as wetsuits.

Patagonia popularized Yulex as a neoprene replacement and we’ve since adopted it for use in the Slater Designs Leash, which we’re proud to have around Quinten’s ankle, likely making him the only ‘head to toe’ sponsored Yulex surfer on the planet.

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