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The Legacy is a kite board design that came to be as a result of a lot of feedback from the market and through working with a mad-man kitesurfer named Maciek from Firewire Europe.  I sent out a sample board for him to try, and through a process of many texts and phone calls, and a few tweaks, we are proud to release The Legacy.  It turns out, what works for surfing waves without a kite is very similar to what works really well for surfing WITH a kite. The Legacy looks like a regular surfboard with significantly reduced rocker (especially in the tail) and is proportionally narrower and thinner to the length. The bottom contour has aggressive concaves with accelerating the flow of water through the fins for max speed being the main theme. The fins are further forward than most boards in an effort to draw the pivot point forward for control in tight radius turns under full power and speed.
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